Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hey! Hey!

The BBQ contest year is slowly winding down for us. Bummer! We've got 2 contests left. Mears Michigan Sep 11th & 12th Apple Festival and Oct 96h & 10th, Arthur Il the Central Illinois Bragging rights contest. Then the BBQ year will be over. However, I'm still trying to talk the Dudette into doin The Barn Burner BBQ in Libertyville Il the week after Arthur. She doesn't want to do contests 2 weekends in a row. Oh well..

The count so far is 11 calls in 6 contests. Not bad but it could have been more. A couple of the non top 10 were out by just a point. It could have been a lot better.

How could these ribs come in 11th place? As Rachael Ray would say.. They were yummo!

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  1. look delicious and tasty, hmmm,, yummiiii,
    im hungry to see that , hehehe.
    nice post and nice template friend. keep uodate. thx