Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Let me begin with thanking all the veterans (past and present) and our fighting forces wherever they may be for their military service. You guys are the greatest!

Don Chute has a great little video with Gene Simmons that you all should see. A tribute to all the branches of the military. Great music for great people!

Now I know you are all wondering how I did in Westmont's Red, White & BBQ contest. Well, the answer is not to good. We were 31st place over all out of 52 teams.

However, my ribs did not come in last place. Let me explain that last comment. The first year we competed there, my ribs cost me a Grand Championship. We had a 3rd place chicken, a 1st place pork and a 4th place beef brisket. My ribs were dead last which put us 7th place over all. The next year my ribs were 2nd from the bottom and last year they were 3rd from the bottom. This year they were 35th out of 52.

Oh well, may next year.

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