Sunday, September 13, 2009

Silver Lake / Mears Mi.

Silver Lake Dunes Michigan is a pretty area. If you ever wanted to drive a dune buggy, in sand, this is the place to do it. Lots of sand, water and dune buggies. Being from the big city, Silver Lake / Mears seemed like a small Mayberryish tourist town.

There are several hotels with the name Sands in them and we stayed at one of them. It was right next the, are you ready for this, the Sands Restaurant. (BTW the pizza was very good there). The room was big and comfy.

Well anyway, we cooked in the Silver Lake Apple Festival near Mears Michigan. This was their 4th year and it seemed a bit disorganized on the side contests. Pat entered all the side contests. They were a apple salad, apple with pork dish, and apple dessert.

The BBQ contest portion was top notch. Jeff (the organizer) and crew did a great job. I guess 4 years of experience paid off there. Water and  electricity were near by. Trash pick up was timely. The only fault was ice. They were running / ran out Saturday morning. Then again, the weather was in the mid eighties Friday and Saturday and the vendors were selling food and drink like crazy. Jeff told us to expect crowds up to 1,000 people. I lost count at 276 (LOL) but I estimated the crowds to be 3,000. Streets were closed so spectators could walk to get food from the vendors. There were Ats & Crafts and apples for sale in booths set up in the streets.

OK, enough of the treavel info, you wanna know how we did. Well here are the stats..

Total team entries --  31
Chicken --  8th Place
Ribs --  9th Place
Pork --  19th Place
Brisket --  1st Place

Over all 4th Place

They didn't give a hand out for the side contests so we can only assume how Pat did on the other 2. They only gave out prizes for 1st Place.

Apple salad --  1st Place (Pat's creation)
Side Dish over all -- 1st Place

We figured Pat did pretty good in the other 2 categories to get the Over All win.

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