Sunday, October 11, 2009

All good things...

must come to an end. For me the 2009 BBQ Competition season ended with the Arthur IL. contest. I got an 8th place call for ribs and Pat got a 2nd place call in "sides" contest. Pat made a squash salad in her parmesan bowls.

The Arthur contest is a hard contest to win anything in. It sits between the American Royal contest and the Jack Daniels (aka The Jack) Invitational contest. A lot of these teams are nationally ranked, making last minute tweaks to their recipes to try and wow the judges at The Jack. Congratulations to Florida Skin & Bones for being Grand Champion and Quau for being Reserve Grand Champion.

Also, there were several teams fighting for the Illinois Team of the Year Trophy. In order to win that trophy you have to cook at least 6 contests in Illinois and be from Illinois. If you cook more than 6 contests they take the scores from your 6 highest. The Arthur contest is included for the current year so teams try to win, or at least get the highest score they can. Congratulations to Smokey Joel / Cubby Bear for being Illinois Team of the Year.

This was a good year for us. We got a "call" in every contest. Most contests 2 calls and some 3 calls in the regular KCBS categories. Pat had several calls in the "sides" categories at several contests. We got rained on, sun & heat on, we also froze at some contests. All in all it was a fun year!

I can't wait until next year! Pat thinks I'm crazy.