Friday, October 2, 2009

Count down to Arthur..

One week from today we'll be in Arthur Illinois cooking in the Central Illinois Bragging Rights contest. Sadly, this will be the last contest of the year for us.

Our contest year started in Wamac Illinois in some cold wet weather and it looks like our year will end in cold wet weather. We've done 7 contests so far and averaged 2 awards a contest. We've had 3 top ten finishes in the KCBS part of the contests. Pat has won several awards for her side dishes and desserts.  We cooked in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan. It has been a fun year BBQwise. We also made a little money.. very little.

Sadly, we hate to see it end for this year. Then again, it will give us a whole winter to try out new recipes and techniques. We'll take a look at the contents of the trailer and get rid of the stuff we never used. When spring comes we'll hit the ground running, maybe. If our retirement goes as planned we'll have the summer to travel and do more contest in different states.

I can't wait till next year!

Da Dude