Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thank A Soldier (long post)

I got an email from Dave Murphy at Thank A Soldier Network. Dave is in Calgary Canada and he started to thank the men and women in military service. He wants to let them know that we support them. We may or may not support the war but we support them for doing their jobs. Since he says it better than I can I'll post his email here. If you can please donate some of your time and send a picture. He is not asking for money.

So The Gratitude Project has been getting some amazing response so far but I've gotten a lot of emails and messages on Facebook and Twitter from people asking how they can help well here it is.

What would be great is if could go to your local newspaper, radio or TV stations and click on the "Contact Us" link, if they have a web form fill it out and below you will find our official press release and what I am asking you to do is copy and paste it to an email (or web form) with the full message aside from this part.

If you do this can you email and let me know who you've sent it to or leave a comment on this bulletin,


Copy and paste the below to your local papers, radio & tv stations sites

I am forwarding you this on behalf of and the gratitude project for further information please see the contact information below the press release.
Thank You
(Insert your name) is very excited to announce The Gratitude Project, a series of YouTube videos showing a collage of images from supporters of our men and women in uniform from all countries of the coalition. Thank A Soldier started as a ‘Cause’ page on Facebook and in just over a year has surpassed 3.4 Million members from all over the world.

Too often you hear “If you support the troops, you support the war”, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, it is about our men and women from all branches of the force and from all allied nations doing their job. This project is for our troops assisting with disaster relief in Haiti, assisting with the fight against piracy in Somalia, on guard here at home ready to go when needed.

We have received tremendous support with this project too, most recently Rock Legend Gene Simmons and his wife; Shannon Tweed submitted a photo holding a "Thank You" sign with Gene saluting. Other organizations that support our troops in various ways have come onboard as well, such as Operation Gratitude and Hero to Hero USA & Canada.

Showing gratitude to our men and women doesn't cost a penny. All you have to do is take a photo that says "Thank You" and people can interpret that however they wish. Once you take the photo we ask that you send it to and it will be featured in the video.

We have received photos from all over the world, United States, Canada,Britain, Australia, and even Argentina and Turkey, truly amazing! Also as a nice surprise, we have received over 40 photos from Soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq who have heard about this project and are sending us "Thank You for the support" photos.

Our promotional video on YouTube had over 7000 views the first week and its picking up steam fast, to view the video search YouTube for "The Gratitude Project - Presented by Thank A Soldier" or go to the direct

Brief history of my Support Our Troops efforts:
2007 - Tim Horton’s for our troops was started and have sent over 40,000 cups of free coffee to soldiers
2007 - Operation Pen Pal launched and to date have paired over 7000 people with soldiers as pen pals
2008 - Petitioned to Canada post for a support our troops stamp and it was released in Oct 2009
2008 - Support & networking site launched for families of military personal

2009 - Thank A Soldier cause launched and has 3.4 Million members to date

2009 - designed and donated by Chris Shave of mister six studios

2009 - remains advertising free & donation free
2010 - The Gratitude Project Launched
For more details contact:

Dave Murphy - Creator and Founder of

Calgary, Alberta CANADA

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  1. Whew! That was long. Thank you for sharing. I'll see what I can do.