Thursday, February 4, 2010

Official totals are in!

As the heading says the Official 2009 Totals by the Kansas City Barbecue Society are in. They keep track of over 4,600 member teams in KCBS sanctioned contest.

Over all we are number 288! I think that is pretty darn good considering we did only 7 contests in 2009. Some teams have cooked in more than 30 contest and your standings are based on your 10 bests contest. So all things considered we didn't do to bad.

Individual categories..

Brisket... 170
Ribs... 267
Chicken... 282
Pork Shoulder... 380

To your right you'll see the Pickled Pig Power Rankings. The Pickled Pig keeps track of all teams participating in contests. KCBS keeps track of member teams only.

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  1. I'd say that's very good; fantastic even :o) Congratulations!