Friday, June 4, 2010

Freaky Friday

As I surf the Blogosphere, I've noticed that some of my fellow bloggers have set aside some days for certain things. Such as "Wordless Wednesday" or "Federalist Friday". So I decide to do a "Freaky Friday" entry.

Don at the "Beyond Left Field" blog wrote about getting close to a ghost. Here is a picture of something, maybe a ghost.

The Dudette (Pat my wife) and I went on a ghost hunt earlier this year. The locations was the Porter County Jail in Valparaiso Indiana. The jail is now a museum. The photo was taken on the upper floor of the jail/museum. The room at one time was side room converted to an office several years ago but then abandoned.

It was about 10:30 at night, the lights were out and we were in almost total darkness. Pat was taking pictures without a flash. She stuck her hand inside the door way of the room and pushed the button. We heard the auto focus trying to focus on something. When we saw the picture it was a WTF moment. The room was pitch black. We saw nothing and there was no flash.

We have no idea what it is/was. It appears to emit some sort of light that illuminated the back wall. Later that evening, we were in the attic. I felt a light tapping on my right upper arm. Also, I get one EVP on my digital recorder. It is considered to by a class b EVP that said "they're hiding".


Do I believe in ghosts? Well, I do believe in God, so I have to accept the fact there is at least one Holy Spirit or most often referred to as the Holy Ghost. Now, the supernatural is another thing...

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  1. Wow, I've not done that kind of thing before! I did go on the ghost tour of cape may, but that was in a bus :) So no close ups like this!